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why, hello there
24. Designer. I'm very random and drama free. But mostly I'm funny and free spirited. I've been told I'm a little crazy also, but what do they know. I do web design by day and obsess over the internet by night. Once in a while I also write stuff.

I do NOT update this LJ often.

I watch a lot of TV and these days my favourite show is Teen Wolf.

I currently also obsess over Jessica Szohr, Kat Graham, Vampire Diaries and Steven R. McQueen, True Blood, Glee, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Game of Thrones, and Harry Potter, because honestly. Also used to be a big fan of Friends, Buffy and Heroes. This list changes regularly. I am fickle that way.

Feel free to add me, I'm always open to making new friends.
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